January 1, 2013


Happy New Year to all visitors!

For the first time, Polish Greatness.com has its own online calendar. From January to December 2013, each calendar page is loaded with links to many articles posted by this blog, including series about the Invasion of Poland, the Warsaw Uprising, Spy Week: Polish Spies of WW2, Great Polish Warriors, and so much more!

If you thought you knew it all about Poland, you must check out this calendar.  You can bookmark it, or save the link on your desktop!

Each calendar month has several (or many) links alerting you to the events of that day in Polish history. Just click on the links to read the corresponding blog post!  Some articles however have no correlation to any specific date in history, but are included in the calendar anyway.

If you haven't made your New Year's Resolutions its never too late!  Make it a point to discover each month, at least one new aspect of Polish history!  It is a journey that is not only enlightening, but fascinating as well!

Stay tuned to Polish Greatness Blog as well, for new posts throughout 2013!!