May 31, 2013


Throughout Poland's long and tumultuous history millions of Polish men, women and children had to flee their beloved homeland in search for freedom, peace, and prosperity.   They scattered to the farthest reaches of the globe, putting down roots throughout Europe,  North and South America, and as far away as Africa, Asia and Australia.  Numbering over 20 million strong, the Polish Diaspora remains the largest in the world to this day.

With such vast numbers of Polish emigres in the world, there ought to be greater recognition of their significant contributions to our nations,  societies,  and communities.   The world has benefited greatly from the amazing accomplishments of great Polish men and women.  In its thousand year history, Poland has produced multitudes of illustrious scientists, inventors, astronomers, mathematicians, physicists, explorers, artists, writers, poets, philosophers, composers, musicians, and of course, Poland's great Generals and political leaders.   

Who among us has not heard of Copernicus, Chopin, Madame Curie?  Among contemporary Polish achievers, are Max Factor, Sr (nee Maksymilian Faktorowicz),  Steve Wozniak,  Andrjez Wajda, Roman Polanski, Wayne Gretzky, Antoni Patek (co-founder of famous watchmakers, Patek, Philippe Inc.), Martha Stewart, and many, many other talented and successful Polish people!

Polish people have always been dynamic trailblazers and innovators.  The Polish are not merely survivors of a bygone era, or refugees of WWII.  They possess a fearless spirit that triumphs over adversity, like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.  

This blog post series, The Polish Diaspora, is dedicated to publicizing famous Polish people around the world.  Beginning in June,  Part 1 will showcase a few of the most celebrated Polish Canadians. This will be followed by blog posts about famous Polish-Americans,  famous Polish-Brits, and others!

This Special Series is not just meant to inform, but also to inspire, surprise and delight the reader.  If you cannot think of the names of ten great Polish people, I assure you that by the time this series is concluded, you will be quite the expert!

Charles De Gaulle once said, " Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so."  (And the Polish people are the most determined of all!)

Poloniae est mundum  Poland is the world

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