January 4, 2014



In this Special Series, "Polish Greatness Blog: Book Selections - Polish Military" you will discover a wealth of information about the Polish Military, in particular, a sampling of beautiful, colorful illustrations, graphics, and photographs of never-before-seen Polish uniforms and accoutrements from the prewar and interwar eras, as well as from World War II.

Though these books were all published in the Polish language, they are invaluable resources for historians, teachers, and students, as well as for all you dedicated, passionate Re-enactors! Do not despair - I will provide English translations to identify each image.

For the record, I must emphasize that I am not a book seller, nor am I affiliated with any of the publishing companies that will be listed at the end of this series. My only objective is to acquaint the reader with some exceptional books that he would not otherwise gain access to in the English-speaking world.

For those who are new-comers to Polish Greatness (Blog), this series, as well as many previous blog posts, will be a veritable revelation for you! It is a continual journey of discovery, knowledge, insight, and inspiration.

Few people realize that Polish history spans a thousand years!  Poland first emerged as a nation-state in the 10th century with the Piast Dynasty, ruled by Polish Prince Mieszko (c. 930-992 AD).  The following (brief) comparative timeline provides a fascinating "birds-eye-view" of the dawn of civilization and the status of the Polish nation vis a vis events that followed.  The Polish nation had shown to be already organized politically and militarily, while most of Europe was still languishing in a chaos. But I digress.


930    Rule of Polish Monarchy begins.

1066  William of Normandy invaded England, and after the Battle of Hastings, was crowned William I of England.

1271  Marco Polo traveled to China in the court of Kublai Khan.

1337-1453  Hundred Year's War (battle between English and French Kings for control of France)

1385- 1572  The Polish "Jagiellonian Dynasty"

circa1387   Chaucer wrote "Cantebury Tales"

1428  Joan of Arc leads the French in battle against the English.

1438  The Incas begin their rule in Peru.

c. 1500 - 1770  Polish Husaria became the main cavalry of the Grand Ducy of Lithuania.
(Read about them in my Special Series: Great Polish Warriors- The Polish Winged Hussars)

1509  Henry VIII ascends the throne of England and Michaelangelo paints the celing of the Sistine Chapel.

1569-1648  The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (the largest political-military union on European continent)

1609  Samuel de Champlain established a French colony in what is now Quebec.

1643  The Taj Mahal is completed.

1665  The Great Plague of London ravaged the city killing 75,000 people.

1675  Polish Piast Dynasty ended with the death of the last male heir.

1815-1871 Italian Risorgimento (Unification)

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Polish Greatness Blog- Piast Dynasty Coat of Arms
Piast Dynasty Coat of Arms
Polish Greatness Blog - Jagiellonian Dynasty Coat of Arms
Jagiellonian Dynasty Coat of Arms



Stay Tuned for the first book selection, "Zolnierz Polski"  Polish Soldiers, to be posted soon!