March 10, 2011

The Enigma Machine A Compendium of Resources for the Enigma Enthusiast

Most of the information gathered for this special series on The Enigma Machine has been collected from  Wikipedia articles under various titles, as well as the following sources. Rather than post lists after each blog, I have collected them in one place so that they are more readily accessible.

In addition I have also included a section of Recommended Websites that I hope might be of interest to those seeking more information on the subject of the Enigma.

And as a special treat for Enigma fans everywhere, I have provided a selection of links to online
Enigma simulators that prove to be as fascinating, amusing and educational.

A. Sources
B. Recommended Websites
C. Articles written by Marian Rejewski (pdf files, in Polish only)
D. For Enigma Machine Enthusiasts

A. Sources

Biography of Marian Adam Rejewski  by J.J. O'Connor and E.F. Robertson

B. Articles written by Marian Rejewski

Marian Rejewski: 'How Polish Mathematicians Deciphered the Enigma'.
From  Annals of the History of Computing. Arlington, Vol. 3, No. 3, July

M Rejewski, Mathematical solution of the Enigma cipher, Cryptologia 6 (1) (1982), 1-18. 

Marian Rejewski, "Summary of Our Methods for Reconstructing ENIGMA and Reconstructing Daily Keys, and of German Efforts to Frustrate Those Methods," Appendix C to Wladyslaw Kozaczuk, Enigma, 1984, pp. 241–45. 

Marian Rejewski, "The Mathematical Solution of the Enigma Cipher," Appendix E to Władysław Kozaczuk, Enigma, 1984, p. 290.

ENIGMA: 1930-1940, Metoda i historia rozwiazania niemieckiego szyfru maszynowego (w zarysie); Rejewski's report of 1940

Rejewski o japo?skiej "Purpurowej Maszynie"; Rejewski on Purple Machine

Rejewski o j?zyku kryptologicznym; Rejewski on codebreaking language

Uwagi Rejewskiego do Aneksu 1 w historii wywiadu brytyjskiego w II wojnie ?wiatowej prof. F.H. Hinsleya; Rejewski's comments to Appendix 1 to Hinsley's British Intelligence in the Second World War

Porównanie wojskowej Enigmy z innymi maszynami szyfruj?cymi II wojny ?wiatowej; Military Enigma and other rotor cipher machines of the II WW

Rejewski o niemieckich instrukcjach szyfrowania Enigm?: Rejewski's on German Enigma manuals.

Many of these articles can be downloaded from the website
(however, the articles are available only in Polish.)

C. Recommended Websites

Polish Contributions Before and During the Second World War (Bletchley Park National Codes Centre)

Enigma's Secrets Finally Revealed (BBC News, April 20, 2001)

How Poles Cracked Nazi Enigma Secret by Laurence Peter (BBC News July 20, 2009) 

The Enigma Code Breach by Jan Bury 

Enigma and Other Cipher Machines (Closeup photos of approximately 280 machines and components.) 

The Commercial Enigma: Beginnings of Machine Cryptography (Pdf file) by Louis Kruh and Cipher Deavours 

How the Enigma Works by Alan Stripp (NOVA Online PBS Network) 

Marian Rejewski and the First Break into Enigma (American Mathematical Society)

Virtual Tour of Bletchley Musuem by original curator Tony Sale.

The Origins of the Enigma by Dr.Wladyslaw Kozaczuk 

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