May 9, 2014

MAUS is propagandist memoir says Canadian Polish Congress - Conclusion


The Canadian Polish Congress (CPC) has published a very important treatise entitled, "The Problems with Spiegelman's MAUS: Why MAUS Should Not Be Taught in High Schools or Elementary Schools." It is an appeal to all concerned and responsible citizens, that Art Spiegelman's controversial book, MAUS must be removed from school curriculum.

MAUS is not an appropriate source material for the teaching of the Holocaust to young students. Evidently MAUS is responsible for instigating anti-Polish sentiment in Canadian schools. Students of Polish origin have been subjected to degradation and humiliation by their classmates, who mock Polish people as "pigs" and accuse them of "killing Jews", the very same aspersions which are spread throughout the pages of MAUS. These slurs are tantamount to hate propaganda and must not be tolerated in our schools or society.

The CPC presented many important observations about MAUS that must be brought to the attention of the general public. MAUS is not a reliable source for the teaching of the Holocaust as it is filled with lies, inaccuracies (and omissions). Moreover, it's content of propaganda is beyond the capacity for young students to recognize or understand. Children do not yet possess the skills to think critically, nor independently, and they are incapable of analyzing a subject as complex and diverse as the Holocaust.

Spiegelman's objective is to offend the dignity of the Polish people and foment hatred against them. He attempted to disguise his book as a narrative about the Holocaust, but riddled within its pages are rampant slurs against the Polish people, reminiscent of the Nazi German propaganda during World War 2. Incidentally, in Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that propaganda must "be presented in a popular form and must fix its intellectual level so as not to be above the heads of the least intellectual of those to whom it is directed..." Children are the least able to defend themselves from propaganda and are vulnerable to its deleterious effects. But I am sure that Spiegelman already knows that.

When it comes to the education of children, we are all duty bound to protect them from the damaging influences of books such as MAUS. If MAUS is on the curriculum of your child's school, I implore you to write a letter of complaint to your provincial school board and Minister of Education, and demand that MAUS be removed immediately.

Please click on one of the following links to the website of provincial Department of Education, then click on the "Contact" link.

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