June 1, 2014

HERO OF TWO NATIONS: CAPTAIN STEFAN P. WESOLOWSKI (1909-1987) by Prof. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski

On the eve of World War II in the silence of the night, the ORP Blyskawica quietly sailed out of the port of Gdynia alongside her sister ships, ORP Grom and ORP Burza, with other Polish vessels to follow in the ensuing days.  It was Operation Peking, a secret and treacherous mission by the Polish Navy to reach the British Isles in a desperate attempt to avoid annihilation from the impending onslaught by German forces.

Hero of Two Nations is the epic story of one of the men on the famous ORP Blyskawica - Stefan Wesolowski.  He was born to be a great military leader.  Stefan Wesolowski was to the military as Chopin was to classical music.  A child prodigy, a genius. He was a child soldier at the age of 9 and promoted to Corporal at the age of 12.  During World War II he rose the ranks to Captain and became the only Polish officer to command an American aircraft carrier.  Never has the world seen the likes of Captain Wesolowski before or since.

Polish Greatness.com is proud to present this special feature,  Hero of Two Nations: Captain Stefan P. Wesolowski (1909-1987) written by Prof. Zdzislaw Wesolowski.

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ORP BLYSKAWICA (00:09.45m)

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