May 29, 2018


MAY 29


Great Sejm Ended. The Great Sejm was the parliament of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth between 1788 and 1792. Its principal objectives were to restore sovereignty of the Commonwealth, and reform its political and economic structure. It's greatest achievement was the creation of and adoption of the Constitution of May 3, 1791. It was Europe's first modern written national constitution and the world's second, after the United States Constitution. The Constitution intended to replace the existing autocracy, with a democratic constitutional monarchy. Among its laws were the protection of peasants, thereby lifting the worst abuses of serfdom, as well as removing the parliamentary liberum veto (which gave any deputy the right to block any legislation passed by the Sejm). Despite these great reforms, the intervention of the Russian Empire annulled all the enactments of the Great Sejm including the Constitution.


In the occupied zone of France, the Nazi Germans ordered all Jews over the age of 6 to wear the yellow Star of David badge.  (In March 1941, the Vichy regime created the Commissariat Général aux Questions juives to manage the seizure of Jewish assets, and created anti-Jewish propaganda. Meanwhile, the Nazi Germans were creating registers of Jews in the occupied French zone, which was incorporated by the Vichy Law, Second Statut des Juifs of June 1941 (the Star of David badge was not made compulsory because, the Jews could be rounded up based on the registration information alone.)

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