November 24, 2018




Polish Prince Assassinated:   A meeting of Polish Dukes was organized in the district of Gąsawa (located on the border of Kujawy and Greater Poland) which was attended by Prince Leszek, Władysław Odonic, Henry I the Bearded and Konrad I of Masovia in November 1227,  however Wladyslaw III Spindleshanks, who was most interested in the meeting, did not attend.)  On the morning of November 24, 1227, some men of Władysław Odonic,  with the probable help of Swietopelk II, attacked the princes while they were bathing. Henry I was seriously wounded, but his life was saved  thanks to his faithful knight Peregrinus of Wiesenburg, who covered him with his own body. Prince Leszek managed to escape on his horse half-naked, fleeing to the nearby village of Marcinkowo.  But the assassins caught up to him and murdered him.   (During the early stages of Leszek's reign, his uncle Duke Mieszko III the Old, and cousin Władysław III Spindleshanks contested Leszek's right to be High Duke.)


Maria Amalia Krystyna Wettyn was born on November 24, 1724 in Dresden. Wettyn was a Polish princess, Saxon princess, Neapolitan Queen, Sicilian and Spanish.  She was the eldest daughter of Augustus III , Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, and Maria Józefa Habsburżanka , daughter of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, King of Bohemia and Hungary,  Józef I of Habsburg .  She married at the age of 14 to King of Naples, Karol III of Bourbon, (future king of Spain . The marriage was a happy one, though it was arranged, and they had about a dozen children.  Ferdinand VI, King of Spain, died childless in 1759,  which made Maria's husband the next king of Spain.  Their eldest son, Philip, Prince of Calabria, was removed from inheritance of the throne due to his mental illness. The second son, Karol, went to Spain with his parents, where he was groomed to take over the Spanish throne after his father's death.  On September  27, 1760, Maria Amelia died of pneumonia.   Her husband was reported to have said, "After 22 years of marriage, it was her first time when Maria Amalia made me unhappy". He never re-married.  The descendants of Maria Amelia include Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski - the cousin of the King of Spain, Jan Karol I Burbon , son of Maria de los Dolores,  Infanta of Both Sicily.


Law Against Dangerous Habitual Criminals, was a Nazi German law passed on November 24, 1935.  Habitual criminals, including those considered "social misfits" or those chronically unemployed, prostitutes, beggars, alcoholics, homeless vagrants, and the Romani,  were all forced to undergo sterilization as well as be incarcerated in prison or Nazi concentration camps.  Nazi policies categorized non-ethnic Germans, such as Jews, Romani,  Slavs (mainly ethnic Poles, Serbs, Russians etc.), and most non-Europeans as inferior non-Aryan subhumans.  The Nazis appropriated the terms "Aryan" thereby placing Germanic peoples at the top of a hierarchy, that is, a so-called master race, and all other ethnic groups as inferior "Untermenschen".  (Editors Note:  Aryans were in fact, an ancient sect of Indo-Iranian people who referred to themselves as Aryan in terms of ethnicity, but also of nobility.  The term had only religious, cultural, and linguistic connotations, and had no racial significance of any kind. Hence the Nazi German use of the term "Aryan" was merely propaganda.)

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