August 23, 2010

Welcome to Polish Greatness (Blog)

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Dear Visitors!

Polish Greatness is a website dedicated to the Polish Armed Forces of World War II, and to the Polish men, women, and children who fought so courageously to defend their freedom and independence

The website was launched on September 1, 2007.  Since that time I have received such positive and encouraging emails from people all over the world. It gives me the greatest satisfaction to know that this website has inspired and touched so many people.

I am pleased that I finally decided to start a blog!  It allows me to post comments and information here - without tampering with the content of the website! (I admit that I have been very hesitant to make changes to the website but I do plan on writing a few more articles for it in the near future.)

Polish Greatness Website can be reached at

I invite you to leave your comments and suggestions!

Best Regards!

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