August 23, 2010


On Wednesday, September 1, 2010 Polish Greatness (Blog) will be featuring a Special Documentary of the Invasion of Poland: A Re-Enactment. I will be making daily posts on this blog from September 1, to October 8, 2010.

This re-enactment includes shocking news reports accompanied by archival videos and photographs. 

This special presentation will bring history to life in a way that creates more awareness about the past. World War II was a terrible tragedy of epic proportions, but it's legacy is part of our culture. We cannot know who we are unless we know our past. We need to know our past so that we can change our future.

Although History has made its mark and is past, we never stop learning about it as there are always more stories to be discovered.

It all starts September 1st.  Please click the following link  Germany Attacks Poland!

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