December 15, 2011

Secret Polish Forces of WW2: The "Silent and Dark Ones" Conclusion

The Cichociemni were a special elite force of the Polish Armed Forces during World War II. Their main objective was to conduct a series of uprisings, in conjunction with the Armia Krajowa (the Polish Home Army) and free Poland by seizing control of major cities including Warsaw. The tactic was straightforward: while the Germans were preoccupied in setting up defenses against the approaching Soviet Red Army, Polish civil authorities planned on re-establishing control before the Soviets arrived.

It was called Operation Tempest (Operation Storm). Details of the uprising were already being planned in September of 1942. It was slated to begin in Central Poland, that is, the General Gouvernment and quickly spread to other regions. The Poles had every expectation that the plans would succeed.  During the long years of occupation, the Polish State did not collapse, but merely went underground. Every sector of government, civil and military, continued to exist and function, although in secret, thus ensuring an easier transition when the time came to reassert power.

Cichociemni Spadochroniarze Armii Krajowej (00:03:39)

The Cichociemni were a cut above the rest - trained in partisan warfare, espionage, and sabotage, among many other specialties. Of 2,413 candidates for the training programme, only 605 managed to pass the test. These heroic men (and a couple of women) fought in the Wilno, Lwow and Warsaw Uprisings, parachuting into Poland under cover of darkness, hence their nickname, the "Silent and Dark Ones".  They were also selected by the SOE for secret missions in other Nazi-occupied countries, including Egypt, Hungary, and France.


Visit Parts I, II and III of this special series present rare videos, photos, and historical data and information about the most mysterious and powerful special forces of WW2, the Cichociemni.


Operation Foxley
Operation Most III
Operation Belt
Operation Heads - Operacja Glowki
Operation Burkl - Operacja Burkl
Operation Kutschera
Operation Ostrama Brama
Operation Arsenal

Famous Cichociemni

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Cichociemni (in Polish)
NB. I recommend that you install a translator toolbar to read this in your language.

Cichociemni i ich znaczenie dla Armii Krajowej  (in Polish)
(Cichociemni and their importance to Armia Krajowa)

(Cichociemni Parachute Training)

Cichociemni Wallpaper


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