February 16, 2014


Zolnierz Polski - Polish Military Insignia - Polish Greatness Blog Book Selection
Zolnierz Polski is a rare gem of a book illustrating Polish military uniforms of the World War II era, as well as that of the Polish People's Army. Each of the uniforms was drawn in minute detail - representing military dress of Polish fighting men - of land, sea and air. In addition to Polish uniforms, the book also contains drawings of weapons, ammunition, insignia, badges, medals and more! There is no other book like this on the web - or in the world!

When Poland was invaded by Germany and Russia in September 1939, the Polish army evacuated and eventually made its way to France, where they fought alongside their French allies. The uniforms worn by Polish soldiers were anything but "Polish" , and was decidedly French in design. But when France fell to the Nazis, the Polish armies fled to Britain and served under the British Army. Their uniforms were British design, but had the addition of distinctive "Poland" appliques on each sleeve. In this blog post, I have included just a few of the images presented in this book. Information about publisher of this book will be presented at the very end of this special series.

Many people do not realize that Poland was the 4th largest ally in World War II. What Poland lacked in numbers, they made up for in military skill, prowess and phenomenal courage and guts. The Polish soldier, then as well as now, is committed to fighting for freedom - and believes that there can be no freedom if others are languishing in chains.

Their motto has been and always will be - For Your Freedom and Ours.


Polish Army Insignia 1939 - Polish Greatness Blog

Army 1939
Signs degrees on the epaulettes of jackets and coats trace troops and aviation.

  1 Polish Marszalek
  2 General weapons
  3 General division
  4 Brigadier General
  5 Colonel
  6 Lieutenant colonel
  7 Major
  8 Captain
  9 Lieutenant
10 Ensign
11 Ensign
12 Senior
13 Sergeant
14  Platoon Leader ( NCO )
15  Corporal
16  PFC
17  Private
Signs made ​​senior matt silver or ribbons in the same color.

Polish Navy Insignia - Polish Greatness Blog

Polish Navy 1939
Signs degrees on the epaulettes and sleeves Navy.

  1 Admiral
  2 Vice-admiral
  3 Rear-admiral
  4 Commander
  5 Lieutenant Commander
  6 Lieutenant Commander
  7 Captain
  8 Lieutenant
  9 Ensign
10 Ensign
11 Senior boatswain
12 Boatswain
13 Boatswain Mate
14 Mate
15 Senior sailor
Signs made ​​of a golden color belt, gold embroidery.


Polish Air Force in the West 1941-1945 -Insignia- Polish Greatness Blog

Polish Air Force in the West 1941 - 1945
Signs degrees on the epaulettes sleeves and collars .

  1 PFC
  2 Corporal
  3 of plutonium
  4 Sergeant
  5 St . Sergeant
  6 Ensign
  7 Aspirant
  8 Student school cadets
  9 Corporal - pupil school cadets
10 Corporal - Cadet
11 Sergeant - Cadet
12 Ensign
13 Lieutenant
14 Captain
15 Major
16 Lieutenant colonel
17 Colonel
18 Air commodore
19 Brigadier General

Polish Armed Forces in the West 1941-1945

 Polish Armed Forces in the West - Badges -1941-45 - Polish Greatness Blog

Polish Armed Forces in the West, 1941-1945

  1 Generals - dark blue ( velvet ) , tabs crimson
  2 Infantry - dark blue , its yellow tabs
  3 Light Artillery - dark green ( velvet with officers ) , black tabs
  4 Heavy artillery - dark green ( velvet with officers ) tabs pulley
  5 Flak - dark green - its yellow tabs
  6 Artlyleria Boats - black and green pennants
  7 Cavalry and comp. recognition - pennants magenta - navy
  8 Weapon Armor - black -orange pennants
  9 A link - black ( velvet in ofic . ) Tabs blue
10 Sappers - black ( velvet in ofic . ) , Belt tabs
11 Columns Auto - black , orange tabs
12 Accomplished longitude - black ( velvet in ofic . ) Tabs white
13 Accomplished weapons - light green ( velvet in ofic . ) Tabs black
14 Accomplished train - light blue, magenta tabs
15 Accomplished stewardship - sapphire , crimson tabs
16 Health service - Cherry ( velvet in ofic . ) Tabs navy
17 Accomplished Veterinary - Cherry ( velvet in ofic . ) Light green tabs
18 Arboriculture - raspberry ( velvet in ofic . ) Tabs black
19 Gendarmerie - pulley , its yellow tabs
20 Chaplaincy - golden embroidery on patkach color uniforms .

Polish Eagle Emblem - Polish Greatness Blog


  1. May also have heard about this book? http://ksiegarniainternetowa.co.uk/en/zolnierz_polski_1939-1945-9788377311295 It seems interesting. Why do not you have something books recommended from the military. I bought already in the Polish bookstore, and I was always happy.

  2. Your background is presenting a view of the war :) Very good stuff and thanks for sharing it.
    My younger brother has joined army and the most amazing element of his job is the uniform. He looks very elegant and lovely in badges of the US army .