March 2, 2018




Serfdom was abolished in Poland, though it persisted for a period of time. Serfdom was finally abolished in Prussia in 1807, in Austria in 1848, in Russia in 1861, and in Congress Kingdom of Poland, in 1864. The occupying powers instituted reforms at various degrees at different times and places. The peasant situation was improved on Polish territories by Austria and Russia, to ensure that the peasants supported them, rather than the Polish activists.  It was an attempt to deny the Polish activists any support from the simmering peasant unrest.


First battles waged in Wolyn and Vilnius Region by Home Army units as part of Operation Tempest.   The Operation was a series of anti-Nazi uprisings conducted during World War II by the Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK), the dominant force in the Polish resistance.  It planned at seizing control of cities and areas occupied by the Germans while they were preparing their defenses against the advancing Soviet Red Army. Polish underground civil authorities aimed at taking power before the arrival of the Soviets.


German submarine U-3519 struck a mine and sank in the Baltic Sea.  The Royal Air Force dropped thousands of sea mines into German territorial waters, in the hope that submarines entering or leaving harbour or training in shallow waters would be lost on them. The sub ran afoul of an air-dropped mine near Warnemünde, in position 54°11′N 12°05′E and sank to the bottom taking all 65 of her crew with her.

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