March 29, 2018




Polish-Prussian Alliance was signed between representatives of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Kingdom of Prussia.  It was a mutual defense alliance during the brief period of time when Prussia was seeking an ally against either Austria or Russia, and the Commonwealth was seeking guarantees that it would be able to carry out significant governmental reforms without foreign intervention. Prussia felt those reforms were not in its best interest, and felt threatened by them. When Russia invaded the Commonwealth in May 1792, Prussia refused to honor the alliance, arguing that it was not consulted with regard to the 3rd May Constitution, which they claim invalidated the alliance. In 1793, Prussia allied with Russia in the suppression of the Kościuszko Uprising.


German Referendum on Re-militarization: Hitler called a referendum on March 29, 1936 which resulted with a majority of German voters approving of re-militarization of Germany. (99 %).  During Hitlers campaign, he was greeted with huge crowds cheering their approval of his defiance of the Versailles Treaty.


A 'Commissariat' for Jewish Affairs was set up in Vichy France. The first Director of the Commissariat General Aux Questions Juives, was Xavier Vallat, an ardent anti-Semite. Under the Vichy Regime, he willingly collaborated with the Nazi Germans,  to co-ordinate anti-Jewish policies,  and to prepare and carry out anti-Jewish legislation. The Commissariat also confiscated all Jewish assets and property,  and tried to sell them to finance their regime. Two months later he issued the Statut Des Juifs, to tighten anti-Jewish laws that already had been put into place, and took a census of all the Jews in Vichy (the unoccupied) zone. (The census would later facilitate the deportation of French Jews.)

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