July 29, 2018




Hitler became leader of the National Socialist Workers Party:   At a special congress of the party on July 29, 1921, Hitler won the seat of party chairman by a vote of 533 to 1.  He was granted absolute powers as the party's only leader, and soon after acquired the titled Fuhrer.  Despite initial conflict, the party agreed that it would be governed according to the principle of Fuhrerprinzip (leadership principle). Consequently, the party was highly centralized and orders were issued from the top down, with Hitler as absolute leader.  Hitler's objective was to overthrow the Weimar Republic which he claimed was controlled by socialists, Jews and what he called, "November criminals" who betrayed the German soldiers in 1918.  In 1921 the SA, also called storm troopers were founded as a party militia, and began violent attacks to eliminate other political parties.


Radio Moscow broadcast urged Poles to rise up against German occupiers. The official line of Soviet propaganda was that the Polish underground was "waiting with their arms at ease" and was not fighting the common enemy. Soviet radio stations demanded a full national uprising in Warsaw to cut the communication lines of the German units still on the right bank of the Vistula.  The first Soviet armoured units reached the outskirts of Warsaw on July 29, 1944. With the recent flood of reports from the eastern territories about forced demilitarisation, trials and execution of Home Army soldiers by the Soviets, on July 21, 1944 the High Command of the Polish Home Army decided to expand the scope of the Operation Tempest to include Warsaw itself. The date for the Warsaw Uprising was set for August 1, 1944.

Soviet Broadcast on Moscow "Kosciuszko" Radio Station Kosciuszko, July  29,1944:  "….Fight The Germans! No doubt Warsaw already hears the guns of the battle which is soon to bring her liberation ... The Polish Army now entering Polish territory, trained in the Soviet Union, is now joined to the People's Army to form the Corps of the Polish Armed Forces, the armed arm of our nation in its struggle for independence. Its ranks will be joined tomorrow by the sons of Warsaw. They will all together, with the Allied Army pursue the enemy westwards, wipe out the Hitlerite vermin from Polish land and strike a mortal blow at the beast of Prussian Imperialism...."

Telegram no. 1144 from The British Prime Minister ( Churchill ) to President Roosevelt  London 29 July, 1944   "This seems to me the best ever received from U. J.      Begins.   I have received your messages of July 25th and July 27th on the subject of departure of Mikolajczyk. Monsieur Mikolajczyk and his party will be given necessary assistance on arrival in Moscow.    You know our point of view on the question of Poland, who is our neighbour and relations with whom have an especial importance for the Soviet Union. We welcome National Committee, which has been created on territory of Poland from democratic forces and I think by creation of this Committee a good start has been made for unification of Poles friendly disposed towards Great Britain, U.S.S.R. and the United States and for the surmounting of opposition on the part of those Polish elements, who are not capable of unification with democratic forces.         I understand the importance of Polish question for the common cause of the Allies and for this very reason I am prepared to give assistance to all Poles and to mediate in attainment of an agreement between them. The Soviet forces have done and are doing everything possible to hasten the liberation of Poland from the German usurpers and to help Polish people in restoration of their freedom and in the matter of welfare of their country.  Ends.   (notes: U.J. stands for Uncle Joe, nickname for Stalin; National Committee was Soviet-based Polish government to usurp the legitimate Polish government in exile)

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