July 14, 2018




Soviets refused to transfer Vilnius back to Lithuania:  In the aftermath of the Polish-Lithuanian conflict as Polish troops were retreating from Western Russia, the Bolsheviks had already entered Vilnius before the Lithuanian troops. Despite the Soviet-Lithuanian Peace Treaty, Russia did not hand back Vilnius to Lithuania. The Soviets intended to establish a puppet government with the purpose of fomenting a socialist revolution, and to overthrow the Lithuanian government. However, their plans did not come to fruition, because Poland defeated Soviet forces in the Battle of Warsaw. However, as the Polish Army was approaching the southern boarders of Lithuania, the Soviets transferred Vilnius back to Lithuanian control, and the Red Army retreated.


Nazi Party declared itself the only legal party: Nazis passed the  "Law against the establishment of political parties" in which it declared the Nazi Party to be the country's only legal party, and allowed itself to make numerous laws banning civil liberties of the Jews. On this day Hitler decreed the Denaturalization Law that revoked citizenship of naturalized Jews and “undesirables.”

Nazi Party passed the the Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseased Offspring which called for the compulsory sterilization of people with a range of hereditary, physical, and mental illnesses.


Manifesto della razza (Manifesto of Race) was a manifesto prepared on July 14, 1938 were antisemitic laws which stripped the Jews of Italian citizenship and governmental and professional positions. The manifesto formed the basis of the the enactment of the laws in October 1938, and demonstrated the enormous influence Adolf Hitler had over Benito Mussolini since Italy had become allied with Nazi Germany.

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