July 20, 2018




Nuremberg Jews Assaulted by SS:   In Nuremberg, SA storm-troopers broke into four hundred Jewish houses and confiscated cash and savings accounts. About 300 Jews, most of them members of the fraternal order B’Nai B’rith were arrested by the SA, herded into empty lots in the suburbs, and beaten up.


Assassination Plot Against Hitler:  Hitler escaped death when a bomb placed in a briefcase exploded, but failed to kill him. Colonel Stauffenberg, chief of the army reserve, was given the task of planting the bomb during a conference at Berchtesgaden, but the meeting was later moved to Hitler’s “Wolf’s Lair, a command post at Rastenburg, Prussia. Stauffenberg placed the loaded briefcase under a table, then left quickly. Hitler was studying a map of the Eastern front and, Colonel Heinz Brandt, trying to get a better look at the map, moved the briefcase out of the way.  At 12:42 p.m. the bomb exploded. When the smoke cleared, Hitler was wounded, charred, and even suffered the temporary paralysis of one arm, but he was still alive. Hitler believed that Providence had spared his life so that he could continue his 'great cause'. Once Hitler figured out the extent of the conspiracy he ordered the systematic liquidation of his enemies. More than 7,000 Germans were arrested and up to 5,000 would be executed. Hitler, Himmler, and Goering established an ever tighter grip on Nazi Germany and its war machine. (Editors note:  There were numerous attempts by high level German officers who wanted to assassinate Hitler. None of their plans succeeded.)

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