September 16, 2018




Polish King Abdicated:  On September 16, 1668,  King John II Casimir of Poland abdicated his throne and resigned his crown. The following year he fled to France, which resolved to put a stop to a rebellion that was on the verge of a bloody civil war, under the command of Hetman Jerzy Sebastian Lubomirski. Apparently, the kings wife was in favor of the Duke of Enghien as successor to the throne. In his speech to the Sejm in 1661, he predicted that Poland would eventually be subjected to dismemberment by the Houses of Moscow, Brandenburg and Habsburg.  His prediction came true 100 years after his death.


The Battle of Jaworów was fought between the Germans, and Polish troops of the Małopolska Army from September 14 to 16, 1939 near the town of Jaworów.  On September 15,  Polish forces from the 11th, 24th and 38th Infantry Divisions attacked German positions in the area between Mosciska and Sadowa Wisznia.  After battling throughout the night, Polish forces succeeded in breaking through to a large forest complex, which extended to the north and west of the town of Janów, and dominated the road between Przemyśl and Lwów.  The Poles destroyed a German battalion, taking them as prisoners, as well as capturing their heavy equipment. The day after the Battle, the Soviets invaded Poland from the east. and the town of Lwow was completely encircled by combined forces of Germany and Soviets.

German submarine sank British ship.   On September 16, 1939,  the Rudyard Kipling, a British trawler was captured by German submarine U-27, 40 miles west of Clare Island.  The Germans boarded the ship removing food and equipment, and forced the crew on lifeboats which were cast adrift. The Kipling was then sunk with scuttling charges. Several hours later the British crew were 5 nautical miles (9.3 km) off the coast of Ireland. Eventually they landed their lifeboats at Killybegs.

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