September 24, 2018




The Battle of Husynne took place on September 24, 1939 during the joint Nazi-Soviet Invasion of Poland. The Polish 14th Regiment of Jazlowiec Uhlans fought against the 8th Rifle Corps of the Red Army, in the area of Hysynne manor situated approximately seven kilometres (4.3 mi) north-east of the town of Hrubieszow.  Witold Radziulewicz, commander of the Polish regiment, broke through Soviet infantry forces, and continued heading south towards the border of Hungary and Romania.  Polish forces were reinforced by mounted police from Warsaw, a battalion of chemical defence troops totaling approximately 1,500 men, and armed with 36 81 mm wz. 31 mortars under the command of Capt. Józef Cwynar. The Soviets launched an assault on the Polish units and 400 Polish policemen responded with a counter-charge supported by mortar battery, forcing the Soviets to make a hasty retreat.  However, not long afterwards Soviet tanks appeared, firing upon the Polish regiment. Polish units were surrounded and forced to surrender. Polish casualties were 18 killed and 139 wounded, and about 25 POWs murdered. 


Atlantic Charter:  A meeting was held by the Inter-Allied Council in London attended by representatives from the Soviet Union, Free France, the governments-in-exile of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Yugoslavia who unanimously affirmed the principles established by the Atlantic Charter.  The Charter defined the allied goals for post-war world which specified the following:  no territorial aggrandizement; no territorial changes made against the wishes of the people, self-determination; restoration of self-government to those deprived of it; reduction of trade restrictions; global cooperation to secure better economic and social conditions for all; freedom from fear and want; freedom of the seas; and abandonment of the use of force, as well as disarmament of aggressor nations. It was signed on January 1, 1942 and laid the basis for the modern United Nations.

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