November 9, 2010

REMEMBRANCE: D DAY Videos of GI Diary Invasion of Normandy (3 parts)

The following videos are from an old TV documentary " WWII: GI Diary " narrated by Lloyd Bridges and tells the battle stories of the soldiers on the front line on D Day. It includes archival footage of live action. It is an opportunity to learn about the war from first-hand sources - the soldiers who fought and survived the greatest battle the world has ever seen. I have the greatest of respect for these men, and sadness for those who perished. The price of our freedom was very high. All were great men of valor. They will always be remembered.

D-Day Invasion of Normandy Part 1 of 3 (00:05:09m)

D-Day Invasion of Normandy Part 2 of 3 (00:06:23m)

D-Day Invasion of Normandy Part 3 of 3 (00:05:20m)


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