August 10, 2018




Destruction of Synagogue in Nuremberg: On the orders of Nazi Streicher, the Great Synagogue and the adjacent Jewish community building were torn down, under the pretext “that they were spoiling the look of the city.” The synagogue’s Jewish Stone, a remnant of a medieval synagogue that served as the base for the Holy Ark, was saved by a non-Jewish architect.  Jews had lived in Nuremberg from the 12th century, and through their trades and professions brought a period of prosperity and growth to the city. Unfortunately there were also episodes of riots, expulsions,and pogroms. The Jews were the second largest community of Nuremberg but in 1923, their plight took a turn for the worst when Julius Streicher founded the newspaper Der Sturmer, a periodical notorious for its hatred towards the Jews. (Moreover, it is important to note that the city of Nuremberg was highly regarded by the Nazi German regime as it equated the city with the glory of the Holy Roman Empire. For that reason, it became the site of massive Nazi Party rallies.)


The Battle of Wizna (September 7 and September 10, 1939) was fought during the initial stages of the Invasion of Poland, as Polish forces battled against the German onslaught.  Between 350 and 720 Polish troops fiercely defended a fortified line for three days against 40,000 Germans. Though defeat was imminent the Polish defence was able to delay the encirclement of the Independent Operational Group Narew which was fighting nearby.  Eventually the German tanks broke through and eliminated the Polish bunkers. The last bunker surrendered on August 10, 1939.


PERSONAL AND MOST SECRET MESSAGE FROM Mr CHURCHILL TO MARSHAL STALIN  (no.316)   "I am very much obliged to you for your telegram of August 8th about the Poles. I am very glad that you brought both sides together. Undoubtedly an advance has been made towards our common goal. I share your hope that the business will go better in future.  Another effort was made by Polish aviators last night to carry some more ammunition to Warsaw. It is claimed that this was delivered. I am so glad to learn that you are sending supplies yourself. Anything you feel able to do will be warmly appreciated by your British friends and Allies....."
(August 10, 1944)

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