August 7, 2018




Janusz Korczak was killed in Treblinka death camp. He was a Polish-Jewish educator,  and author of childrens books.  In 1914 Korczak became a military doctor with the rank of Lieutenant. He served again as a military doctor in the Polish Army with the rank of Major during the Polish-Soviet War. During the 1930s he had his own radio program which he used to promote the rights of children.  In 1933 he was awarded the Silver Cross of the Polonia Restituta. When World War II broke out, he volunteered to join Armia Krajowa, but they declined due to his age. During the Nazi occupation, Korczak was forced to move his orphanage. But on August 5 or 6 the Nazi soldiers deported the 192 to Treblinka extermination camp.  Zegota had offered Korczak sanctuary on the “Aryan side” but he refused, saying that he could not abandon his children. He stayed with the children all the way until the end.


U.S. refuse aid to Warsaw: In a response to the Polish Ambassador's letter of August 6,  the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff replied that they "believed the Polish Ambassador should be informed that his appeal has been given most sympathetic consideration by the United States military authorities and that the matter has been referred to the Combined Chiefs of Staff for such action as is possible under the circumstances." In the annexes to the letter it stated that  in accordance with the agreed policy of the Combined Chiefs of Staff that supplies and equipment for the Polish Underground Forces was a British responsibility, and that the Polish request should be referred to the British Chiefs of Staff for such action as they may deem necessary and desirable.

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