August 28, 2018




The Tarnów train station bombed:   Antoni Guzy, a German agent carried out a bombing attack on a train station in Tarnow, Poland. He left two suitcases loaded with explosives in the luggage hall, and then went to the platform platform to wait for the night train to Krakow which would depart at 23:02. The train was late by eight minutes when the bombs were detonated killing 20 people and wounding 35.  Had the train from Krakow arrived on time, the death toll would have been much higher. Just a few minutes earlier a military transport with many soldiers had left the station.  Guzy was subsequently arrested based on eye-witness reports from passengers who confirmed that he placed the suitcases in the station hall.  There was no further information regarding his fate.


Nazi Germans Massacred Hungarian Jews:   The Kamianets-Podilskyi massacre took place from August 27 to 28, 1941 in the Soviet city of Kamianets-Podilskyi (now Ukraine).  It occurred during the initial stages of the Nazi invasion of Russia in Operation Barbarossa.  Nazi German Order Police Battalion 320  took part in the mobile killing squads, with the Einsatzgruppen under the command of SS General Friedrich Jeckeln, as well as Hungarian soldiers, and the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police.  In Jeckeln's report, a total of 23,600 Jews were massacred. Approximately 14,000 of the Jews had been deported from Hungary into German controlled territories. It was one of the first large-scale mass murder operations conducted by the Nazi Germans in carrying out the Final Solution in Reichskommissariat Ukraine.

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