October 5, 2010

German Victory Parade In Warsaw

Poland surrenders to Germany, Victory Parade during WW2. (00:08:49m)

October 5, 1939

German forces have occupied the city of Warsaw. Hitler toured the capital city today and attended a victory parade, saluting the troops several times as the troops passed the reviewing stand

Meanwhile, German Army Group South were still battling the Poles in the town of Kock. (Pronunciation:  Kotsk ) The town is located 45km north of Lublin, and 120 km southeast of Warsaw between the Vistula and Bug Rivers. For the past three days German forces have been trying to encircle the Poles but fail. Polish units have consistently repelled all attacks. At 16:00 hours the last German advance began but after a hard fight they was forced to withdraw into the forest. Ground has been lost and regained repeatedly by both German and Polish forces. A Polish infantry regiment led attacks on a German unit using artillery support and the bayonet with which one of the Germans had attempted to fire against the Poles.  It was successful: the German units tried to escape being chased by Polish infantry and cavalry. The Poles captured the Poznan village including a German artillery battery. The artillery later had to be destroyed when Polish cavalry was forced to withdraw under heavy fire from another German artillery battery. Despite initial gains made by the Polish infantry and cavalry they eventually were forced to withdraw to the south of the town of Kryzywda. They have retreated to Krakow and the Vistula River. From there they took the route from Warsaw to Sandomierz and then to Lublin.

Polish Cavalry 1939

In the North Atlantic, the German pocket battleship the Admiral Deutschland attacked and sank the SS Stonegate. British and French Command have dispatched 8 of their warships to hunt down the German Graf Spee.

A Nazi anti-Semetic weekly magazine,"Der Sturmer" published a "Hymn of Hate" renouncing England as the "curse of the world".

The Soviet government continues its' efforts to strengthen it's position in the Baltic region.  Soviets have requested the government of Finland to reopen talks on changing its boundaries.  Meanwhile a pact has been signed between Russia and Latvia giving the Russians use of their sea and air bases. This is the second pact Russia has acquired so far.

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