October 8, 2010


The following video and photos contain extremely graphic and shocking images.
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October 8, 1939

Polish territory has officially been incorporated into the Hitler's Third Reich.  In a decree issued today, Hitler proclaimed that "where 12 million Poles now live, is to be populated by 4 to 5 million Germans." He referred to central Poland which has come under the command of the Nazi General Gouvernement.  Western areas of Poland, in addition to the former Free City of Danzig, have been annexed to Germany.  As a result, Germany's eastern border has been extended some 200 kilometers into Polish territory. German citizens are flocking into areas formerly part of Western Poland, as part of Hitler's policy of lebensraum, displacing the Poles who were living there.

Polish citizens are being deported to the General Gouvernement in central Poland, and subjected to hard physical labour in areas of industry and agriculture.  There are severe shortages of food and fuel supplies in the work camps and Poles are being worked to death. Jews have been rounded up and isolated in Ghettos, heavily guarded by armed German soldiers. Any Jews trying to escape are shot.  A Polish man was shot on the spot for tossing a loaf of bread over the ghetto wall.  Scenes like this are repeated every day in every city. The misery and terror are inexplicable.

Poles in Nazi Labour Camp
Meanwhile Polish citizens are being publicly executed in reprisal for attacks made on German soldiers.  The Nazis have imposed harsh rules and prohibitions. Posted in every city are bulletins forbidding the Poles from helping the Jews. The SS carry out frequent random house to house searches, looking for Jews in hiding, and upon finding them, shoot them in the street along with the Polish families who have been sheltering them. Thousands of Poles have been killed, both Jews and Christians.
Poles Executed by Germans
Poles executed by hanging. German looks on.
Poles Executed by Nazi firing squad
Nazi Bulletin Warning Against Helping Jews

While the Nazis are exacting their rule of terror, the Soviet regime has applied its own draconian methods In the eastern part of Poland. Polish currency has been withdrawn from circulation without exchange for rubles literally wiping out entire families savings. All personal and state property has been confiscated. Poles refusing to accept Soviet citizenship are charged with "counter-revolutionary activity" and deported to Soviet gulags. Hundreds of thousands are never seen or heard from again.  All Polish institutions, political, cultural, and economic have ceased to exist. All organized religions are being persecuted.  All Polish political parties have become illegal. No one is safe. Politicians, civil servants, scientists, engineers, professors, teachers, journalists, and anyone even suspected of being a threat to Soviet rule is arrested and deported. Polish POWs are being killed by the hundreds of thousands by the infamous NKVD, the secret Soviet police.  Although the Red Cross has tried to investigate the condition of Polish POWs they have not been able to obtain permission to see them. The Soviet Union has refused to cooperate. They never signed the Geneva Convention in regard to the treatment of prisoners of war and do not recognize its merits.

At the core of Nazi-Soviet terror is a finely-tuned propaganda machine. By exploiting the existing tensions among minorities in Poland, clashes frequently occur between opposing groups ften leading to violent outbreaks and bloody massacres. German soldiers periodically harass and humiliate Jews in the Ghetto.  Reports indicate that a group of Hitler Jungen (Hitler Youth) armed with guns had entered the confines of a Jewish Ghetto, and used Jews as target practice.  

These and many other reports have been received from Jan Karski, and countless other members  of the Polish Resistance.  Britain and France have dismissed these claims as false or exaggerated.  International public opinion is outraged and is demanding an official inquiry.

Polish Underground Radio Station

In Riga Government Representatives from Germany and Latvia met today for the signing of an agreement for the patriation of all German-speaking citizens of Latvia, to the Third Reich.  An estimated population of 50,000 ethnic Germans will be transferred to Germany.

In Helsinki, the Finnish government has accepted a Soviet invitation to send a delegation to Moscow to discuss border disputes. Finland has declared its determination to maintain its independence and its neutrality in the war.

The Canadian government has announced that a division of 20,000 troops will leave for overseas next year.

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