January 27, 2018




Walerian Łukasiński, (15 April 1786 in Warsaw – 27 January 1868 in Shlisselburg) was a Polish officer and political activist. The Russian Imperial authorities denounced him as a traitor for his involvement with secret conspirational organizations, and he was arrested by the Russian authorities and sentenced to 7 years of hard labour in Zamość. For participation in the prisoners revolt against inhumane conditions, he was accused of being one of the ringleaders (without much proof) and his sentence was doubled to 14 years. Though he served his time, he was never released and remained incarcerated. He died after 46 years of solitary confinement and became a symbol of the Polish struggle for independence.


Jan Nagórski (dob) was a Polish engineer and pioneer of aviation, the first person to fly an airplane in the Arctic and the first aviator to perform a loop with a flying boat. His achievements proved that the North Pole could be reached by airplane. In 1955, Naorski attended one of the lectures of Czesław Centkiewicz, a renowned Polish polar explorer and author. Centkiewicz gave the audience a short biographical note of a "long-forgotten pioneer of aviation, pilot Jan Nagórski who died in 1917". Nagórski, who was seated in the audience, stood up and announced that he was not Russian and definitely not dead.


The German government demanded at least 1 million industrial and rural workers be provided from Nazi-occupied Poland to work assignments in the Reich.


Red Army liberated Auschwitz and Birkenau.Only 7,500 of the camp's inmates were found alive. By this time, an estimated 2,000,000 persons, including 1,500,000 Jews, had been murdered there.

German submarine U-1172 was sunk in St Georges Channel by depth charges from British frigates HMS Tyler, HMS Keats and HMS Bligh at 52°24′N 05°42′W.

The Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front captured Katowice and Leszno.

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