August 29, 2011

Warsaw Uprising 1944: August 29 - German Troops Kill Elderly and Invalids

German tank in Old Town
Throughout the day German forces have been conducting air raids on the Old Town every fifteen minutes. Artillery fire has been very heavy and have destroyed the AK-manned Fiat works, and Blessed Virgin Mary’s Church. Despite the fact that the buildings are in ruins, control over them has changed hands repeatedly. The Germans have also captured a municipal shelter which houses the elderly and invalids and upon entering they shot all the occupants on sight.

Soviet armies are positioned at the Vistula, and as the month nears its end, German defences have stiffened. All four Russian fronts have received orders from Supreme Headquarters to assume defensive positions from Jelgava to Jozefow. In the past two months the soldiers of the Red Army have fought to exhaustion thereby causing a temporary suspension of offensive measures.

Russian Soldiers Smiling on the Vistula

German attacks are relentless as air raids and artillery fire on the Old Town continue.  Despite severe losses, troops of the “Zoska” and “Czata 49” battalions have managed to hold the ruined buildings of the Fiat factory on Sapiezynska Street. However the enemy has seized the ruins of the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, and the area between Wojtowska, Zakroczymska and Przyrynek Streets. German forces have further expanded their territory on Teatralny Square. As German units fight their way into the City Hall, Blank’s Palace, and the Canonesses Convent the insurgents have been putting up a strong defence in positions along Bielanska Street, the Simonsa passage and a school on Nalewki Street.

German soldiers hide out amid columns of Opera House, Warsaw

Last night in Srodmiescie Polish fighters succeeded in stopping a strong enemy attack from the Saski Gardens on the line of Krolewska Street. Since August 27th, Polish units under the command of Lt. Col. Boleslaw Gancarz “Gryf” have been fighting on barracks between Szwolezerow, 29 Listopada and Podchorazych Streets.Troops of the “Oaza” battalion and remnants of the “Jelen” command have merged forces and are engaging in very heavy battles in Sadyba.

Map of Mokotow District in Warsaw

Warsaw: West Srodmiescie on fire. Visible silhouette of PAST-a building

In Mokotow district, German troops have started bombing from the ground and air.In the ruined St. Elizabeth Sisters hospital on Goszczynskiego Street many of the wounded and a part of the staff have been killed in the bombing.

 Polish POWs murdered by German troops

The governments of Great Britain and the United States have announced their decision to grant the Armia Krajowa (AK) the Polish Home Army soldiers the same rights of war veterans, thus recognizing the AK's status as a regular part of the Polish Armed Forces.

Warsaw Uprising (00:5:37m)

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