August 9, 2011

Warsaw Uprising 1944: August 9 - Polish Insurgents Attack German Convoy

Polish insurgents in the heat of battle
A German attack that was planned today against the Old Town was abruptly postponed while attacks from Polish insurgents have escalated considerably. Troops of the SS Brigade Dirlewanger had engineered the emergency evacuation of Ludwig Fischer, Governor of the Warsaw District from headquarters.While escaping from the area his convoy of automobiles had come under heavy fire from Polish insurgents who were waiting in ambush. Their attempted assassination did not go as planned. Polish fighters shot Fischer but he escaped with minor injuries, although one of his deputies was killed.
Ludwig Fischer

Fischer`s name was first on the list of  “Operation Heads”, the planned assassination of Nazi officials by the Armia Krajowa.  Fischer was responsible for the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto and issued many anti-Semetic laws. He was also the instigator of the mass executions, slave labor programs and deportation of Polish Jews to Nazi concentration camps.

Fighting continues. Sources indicate that about 90 insurgents of the Gustav unit of Sec. Lt. Andrzej Chyczewski managed to fight their way through to the Chojnowskie Forest. Meanwhile, German attacks on No. 60 Wawelska Redoubt continue unabated.

In Srodmiescie Polish insurgents have been successful in fighting back German attacks. And another Polish Radio station began broadcasting today from a location somewhere in Dabrowskiego Square. The Germans continue to fly reconnaissance over Warsaw trying to find the location of Polish radio transmitters. Polish insurgents are maintaining constant vigil of approaching enemy aircraft.

The Old Town continues to come under heavy fire from enemy positons around Kierbedz Bridge and Zamkowsy Square but the AK are fiercely holding their ground in battle.  Polish fighters under the command of Lt. Col. Jan Mazurkiewicz “Radoslaw”  are currently positioned all around the area of the cemeteries and continue to protect the Old Town.

German bunker at Kierbedz Bridge (July 1944)

In a sabotage mission, a unit of the Battalion under the command of Captain Gustaw Billewicz "Sosna" fired on a German armored train. No information on the extent of the damage. Insurgents had taken positions around the Gdanski Railway Station. Throughout the Mokotow district insurgents units have reinforced several streets along Pulawska posing strong resistance to enemy fire.

German Guards at gate of air base defence unit between Pulawska and Rakowiecka Streets, Warsaw 1944

In Moscow Prime Minister Stanisław Mikołajczyk met privately with Stalin to discuss Soviet assistance for the Polish Uprising. Although Stalin has pledged to provide air relief for Warsaw there remains some degree of uncertainty at this time on the validity of  Stalin's promise. Fighting is already in the 9th day since the Uprising began and there has been no Soviet assistance as yet.

Lt. John Ward, a British soldier, and member of the AK has dispatched another secret coded message to London reporting on the days events in Warsaw. The message reads as follows:
Lt. John Ward

Biuletyn Informacyjny published in Warsaw on August 9th states that Moscow claims in a broadcast at 15 hours on August 8th that only Polish Communists – Army 'Ludowa'– are fighting in Warsaw. This is not true, there are no troops of A.L. engaged in any action in Warsaw. The only troops engaged are the Home Army. There is no sign, of any Russian troops in the vicinity of Warsaw. The nearest are suspected to be at least 12 miles or so from the city.

(4/5) Timewatch Battle for Warsaw World War II (00:10:01m)

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