August 22, 2011


The Killing Machine - NKVD units

AK Command fears of the possibility of a massacre of their units in the countryside. German and Soviet troops are spread out and hunting them down. NKVD agents are known to be among the ranks of the Red Army and have been begun an indiscriminate campaign of massive arrests of Polish soldiers, as well as civilians. Many Polish POWs have been deported to Russia in areas unknown or shot by summary execution without  trial. Many others have been subjected to mock trials in Soviet courts and convicted of being "enemies of the State" and then shot.  Sources indicate that Polish prisoners are forced to endure the most inhumane conditions, living in over-crowded cells, or holes dug into the ground, which are often flooded with freezing water.  Beatings occur on a daily basis. Executions are being carried out by the head of the jail, Sergeant Bazyli Rogozinski. Those who survived tell the story, "whenever Rogozinski started to drink it was an indication that he would be executing prisoners that night".

General Bor has sent an urgent message advising AK units outside the city that if Warsaw is taken by the Soviet Army, and he is unable to give orders, then they are directly subordinated to the orders of the Polish Government in Exile in London. 

NKVD Slaughtered Polish military and civilians

Armia Krajowa
Stalin sent Churchill and Roosevelt a top secret diplomatic message. In it he said, “Sooner or later the truth about the group of criminals who have embarked on the Warsaw adventure in order to seize power will become known to everybody. These people have exploited the good faith of the citizens of Warsaw, throwing many almost unarmed people against the German guns, tanks and aircraft. A situation has arisen in which each new day serves not only the Poles for the liberation of Warsaw but the Hitlerites who are inhumanly shooting down the inhabitants of Warsaw....Meanwhile the Soviet troops....are doing everything possible to smash these counterattacks of the Hitlerites and to go over to new wide-scale attack in the region of Warsaw. There can be no doubt that the Red Army is not sparing its efforts to break through Germans around Warsaw and to free Warsaw for the Poles.....”

Prime Minister Mikolajczyk has recently made another attempt in reaching a deal with the Soviet Government. Polish General Izydor Modelski, Deputy Minister of National Defence in the Polish Government in Exile was sent to deliver a message to the Soviet official Volkov in London. The letter informs the Soviet Government that the Polish Prime Minister has every intention of forming a government in Warsaw and that he is willing to accept Polish Communist participation. He claims that he has already gained the support of three Polish political parties and the majority of socialist ministers. There is no response as yet from the Soviet government.  
Stalin and Chief Executioner Nikolai Ezhov
In the Old Town Polish insurgents are desperately fighting back an attack of German tanks and infantry on barricades in Nalewki and Długa Streets barring access to Krasinski Square. By evening, after heavy fights, the Germans succeeded in taking up positions in the ruined Arsenal. The remainder of the insurgent troops have already evacuated the building and are stationed near the Simonsa passage on the corner of Dluga and Nalewki Streets. In the northern part of Srodmiescie the insurgents have fought back an enemy attack on Borman’s Factory on Targowa Street. German infantry units have attacked barricades at the entry of Traugutta and Mazowiecka Streets. Polish fighers have captured a German outpost in the “Cristal” restaurant located on the corner of Aleje Jerozolimskie and Bracka Streets. Germans posted there had kept the passage across Aleje Jerozolimskie under constant fire. 

Sabaton- Uprising (napisy PL) (00:04:56m) 

At about 2 a.m. the Poles mounted a second attack on Gdanski Railway Station lead by insurgent troops from Zoliborz and Kampinos, under the command of Lt. Col. Mieczysław Niedzielski “Zywiciel”. From the Old Town, they were supported by units commanded by Maj. Waclaw Janaszek “Bolek”. However the attack broke failed and by dawn insurgent troops retreated with severe losses. In both attacks the casualties of dead and wounded has reached about 500. The new commander of District V Lt. Col. Jozef Rokicki “Karol” has forced his way through the sewers to Mokotow and has divided the area into Dolny (Lower) Mokotow including vast areas of Sielce, Czerniakow and Sadyba, and Gorny (Upper) Mokotow west of Puławska Street. Fighting in that area is the “Baszta” regiment.    

Joseph Rokicki
Baszta Battalion

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