August 26, 2011

Warsaw Uprising 1944: August 26 - WARSAW POLES LOSING TERRITORY

Polish boys in the Solec district

Polish insurgents fighting in Mokotow have tried to establish a connection with Upper Czerniakow but their efforts to break the German ring in the area of Lazienski Park have failed.

During the night two companies from the Baszta regiment succeeded in the capture of the Holy Family of Nazareth convent on Czerniakowska Street. The nuns, the injured and civilians were evacuated and have been taken to relative safety. Throughout the Nazi occupation the nuns conducted secret classes in defiance of Nazi edicts. Nazi Germany's inflicted its policy of cultural annihilation on the Polish nation, forbidding the continuation of Polish schools and universities on pain of death. During the past five years over 115 students managed to pass their final examinations.

Secret classes given by the nuns of Holy Family of Nazareth Convent in Warsaw WW2

At 12:30 a.m. General Bor, the Delegate of the Government and its staff descended into the city sewers. They entered through a manhole just 220 yards away from German positions. Four hours later they emerged in the Centre City sector. At this point in time, less than half a square mile of the Old Town remains in the hands of the Armia Krajowa (AK).

Polish units are defending about a dozen buildings, including the Old Arsenal, the Polish Bank, the Bastion of Holy Mary, St. John’s Cathedral, the hospital for the mentally ill, and Mostowski’s Palace.

Polish Insurgents attacking German units
Fighting has reached an intensity never seen before in the history of warfare. Polish and German units are in a stand to the death. One building has been attacked by the German eleven times and has changed hands seven times.

Germans launch barage of fire from 15 cm Sig 33 Howizer Warsaw Uprising
Air raids and artillery bombing of the Old Town continue. Despite incessant enemy attacks, the insurgents keep their positions in the Polski Bank on Bielanska Street, the ruined Simonsa passage on Dluga Street, the ruins of the City Hall and in the Blank’s Palace. They also fight back enemy attacks on barricades in Miodowa, Podwale, Piwna, Swietojanska and Kanonia Streets. Strong German pressure from the Vistula towards Brzozowa, Bolesc and Rybaki Streets continues. The insurgent troops are forced to retreat from the ruins of the “Quebracho” tannery on Bolesc Street and from the Jan Bozy Hospital. 

Warsaw Barricade
The northern part of Srodmiescie in particular the area around Panska, Twarda, Sliska and Sienna Streets have been under strong enemy fire. Sources indicate that the staff of the Warsaw District of the People’s Army, many soldiers and civilians have been buried beneath the ruins of a bombed house at 16 Freta Street.
Lt. John Ward
Lt. John Ward, a British soldier, and member of the AK has dispatched messages again today to London reporting on the days events in Warsaw. 

The message reads as follows: The Germans are continuing their campaign of murder in Warsaw. Three days ago two Polish prisoners came with a message from Gestapo headquarters in Such Avenue. The message was that the German troops who were in the post in Pius Street should be allowed to join Gestapo headquarters in Such Avenue. The Germans said that in exchange they would release some Polish prisoners and send some medical supplies. The request was, of course, refused. The two Polish people who brought the message say that the Germans have constructed a crematorium and are shooting and burning about 300 men daily. Up till the time these two people left Gestapo H.Q. 3,000 suits of civil clothing had been received into the German store. That means that 3,000 Polish patriots have already been brutally murdered. It is known that there are another 2,500 prisoners there, and that more are arriving every day. AK is powerless to prevent this brutal wholesale murder. They have not the special types of heavy weapons needed to attack such a heavily fortified stronghold as Such Avenue.

Despite the heavy losses of the Polish forces, the men and women of Warsaw refuse to give up. Sources indicate that the “Oaza” battalion has just been formed consisting of remnants of insurgent troops in Sadyba and is under the command of Captain Janusz Wyszogrodzki “Janusz". No further word regarding their actions.


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