September 24, 2010


1939 Polish Defensive War - The Beginning of World War II (00:08:04m)

September 24, 1939

German forces have isolated Modlin Fortress north of Warsaw a vital stronghold to the Polish defence. Reports have been received that Warsaw has suffered heavy casualties among insurgents remaining in the city and the wounded in hospitals.

Polish Artillery near Modlin Fortress
Wounded Polish Soldier and Nurse

Meanwhile Soviet units have occupied eastern Galicia. The towns of Boryslaw, and Drohobych located on Poland's oilfields were much coveted by the German forces who had to relinquish their control to the Soviets according to the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement.

Boryslaw, Poland
Drohobych, Poland

On the Western Front, French artillery launches attacks on the German border while French bombers strike the German Zeppelin base at Friedrichshafen.

German U-boats attacked and sank a Swedish steamer carrying timber, and a British steamer the Kafristan. The SS American Farmer arrived in New York harbour with 29 survivors of the crew of the Kafristan, Passengers reported that a British plane swooped down on the German submarine spraying its deck with machine gun fire and dropping bombs one of which fell on the conning tower.


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