September 14, 2010

German Troops Occupy Danzig

September 14, 1939

Gdynia, Poland's only seaport was occupied by German troops.  Its port includes Gdansk and Sopot. Originally a small German fishing, Gdynia was transferred to Poland after World War I. Since then it was developed into an important rail center including industries producing metal and machinery. It has become a leading Baltic port, main naval base and shipbuilding center for Poland.  German authorities have renamed the port Gotenhafen.

Hitler inspecting his troops on the Bismarck at Gdynia (Gotenhafen)

German forces attacking from East Prussia have reached open country and crossed the Narew River near Modlin. They have swept around Warsaw to begin the process of encircling the Polish capital. The Polish units under General Zulauf which have just reached Warsaw, have been incorporated as the core of the defence forces of the burough of Praga.

Germans taken prisoner by Polish army (Praga)

The city of Lwow is now completely cut off by German attacks.  The German 4th Panzer division positioned just outside Warsaw has retreated.  Alerted to a possible threat, General Wladyslaw Bortonowski ordered an immediate retreat of the 26th Infantry division after they had just crossed the Bzura near Lowicz.  The Polish 4th Infantry reached the road linking Lowicz with Glowno while the 16th Infantry crossed the Bzura near Lowicz.

The German 19th Panzer Corp has reached Brest-Litovsk in eastern Poland, where ethnic Ukrainians have begun an uprising in Lwow and Stanislowow, attacking pockets of Polish infantry positioned in the area.

Pravda, the official newspaper of the Russian Community Party, has launched a bitter anti-Polish propaganda campaign with a front-page article deploring the treatment of minorities in Poland.

Russian Propaganda Against Poles
Soviet soldier stabbing symbolic Polish Eagle

There was a close call in the North Atlantic today. While on anti-submarine patrol along the northwestern coast of Ireland, the HMS Ark Royal just barely escaped from a U-39 German submarine attack. Moments later the U-boat was bombed by 3 British destroyers accompanying the carrier. Forth-three German crewman were captured before their ship sank.

Despite internal pressure by Hungarian officials to enter the war, the Hungarian government refrained from declaring its neutrality on the grounds that it is not threatened by Hitler.


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