September 20, 2010


" September Campaign" The opening scenes are of Polish Military Forces

September 20, 1939

In a stunning turn of events, Polish armies in the city of Lwow find themselves trapped. German units that were positioned to the north and south of the city have suddenly withdrawn all their forces and in their place are now Soviet infantry. Reports indicate that many Poles have either been forcibly conscripted into the Red Army or have done so willingly. No confirmation has yet been received from the Polish Commanders.

The Polish Armies of Poznan and Pomorze, which were defeated by German troops yesterday at Bzura, have reached the outskirts of Warsaw to provide reinforcements. Over 120,000 Polish troops have converged and broken through the German encirclement at Warsaw and Modlin. German units numbering over 175,000 soldiers were prepared for the assault. Casualties were high on both sides.

In response to Hitler's so-called peace offerings, France and Britain proclaimed that they "will not permit a Hitler victory to condemn the world to slavery and to ruin all moral values and destroy liberty."  Despite their concerted bravado, Britain and France have still not deterred Germany's drive for territorial expansion across Europe. With the exception of occasional military skirmishes along the Maginot Line, the Allied Front remains weak.  Both Britain and France have promised to come to Poland's aid but have failed to take any action. The Polish government is concerned that Poland will follow the same fate as Czechoslovakia.  When Hitler demanded control of the Sudetenland in 1938, Britain unilaterally ceded part of Czechosolvakia in exchange for guarantees of peace. Will Poland be next?       
Partition of Czechosloakia
Chamberlain and Hitler at Munich Conference 1938

Meanwhile in the British House of Commons, the Conservative Government under Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain has come under heavy criticism from the Labour Party Opposition for his policy of appeasement and for failing to provide assistance for Poland's defence after the September 1st invasion by Germany.

A flight of German ME-109 fighters attacked three Fairey Battle reconnaissance bombers today over the Siegfried Line near Aachen.  Britain was able to shoot down one Me fighter before losing two of her Fairey Battles. In the meantime 110 British and French armored divisions sit idle while Hitler carves up Europe.


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