September 6, 2010

Poles Ordered To Enlist

September 6, 1939

The Polish Government has relocated to the region of Luck-Kremieniec, while the Supreme Council has moved to Brzesko on the Bug River. The Polish Supreme Command has issued the order for all Poles to enlist at checkpoints along the Narew, Vistula and San Rivers.

Forces of the German 10th Army have already penetrated to the east of Lodz and continue to make steady advancements. Armored spearheads of the German forces have captured Tomaszow and Kielce, located south of Warsaw. The German 14th Army has taken over Krakow.

German troops invade Tomaszow

German troops in Kielce

Nazi flag raised atop Castle in Krakow

Fighting continues over Warsaw: The Polish Pursuit Brigade shot down a total of 43 German bombers over the past few days, while anti-artillery units has shot down a similar number of enemy aircraft..  The Poles have 9 unconfirmed victories, and 20 damaged German planes.

One of the planes of Polish Pursuit Brigade

In a horrible incident of friendly fire 2 RAF Spitfires shot down 2 RAF Hurricanes in error over West Mersea, along the Essex coast.  It happened during the first air raid warning which turned out to be a false alarm. The accident has since been referred to as the Battle of Barking Creek.

Meanwhile 7 cruisers of the Royal Navy sailed today forming the eastern convoy of the Northern Patrol.

In France the government imposed a 72 hour work week in the munitions factories.

The government of South Africa led by the new Prime Minister Jan Christian Smuts declared war on Germany. The Iraqi government in Baghdad broke off diplomatic relations with Germany.  And General Franco of Spain has declared his country's neutrality but insiders report that he has secretly pledged to support the Axis.


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