September 30, 2010


September 30, 1939

The evacuation began in Warsaw today of Polish forces to German POW camps. Polish President Ignance Moscicki presently interned in Romania has resigned his post.  A new Polish government in exile has been formed on French soil. Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz has taken a constitutional oath at the Polish Embassy and has become the new President of the Republic of Poland. He has appointed Wladyslaw Sikorski to be Prime Minister and Edward Rydz-Smigly the Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Armed Forces. Despite the German-Soviet occupation of Poland, Britain and France recognize the legitimacy of the newly formed Polish government.

There are presently over 80,000 Polish armed forces stationed in France consisting of army and navy personnel. Many more are arriving every day having escaped Romanian custody. They are not refugees but combatants with the military objective of regrouping their forces to continue fighting for Poland`s freedom. Most arrived by ship, train or car. Many more have made the dangerous passage on foot or skied across the Carpathian mountains.

President Raczkiewicz
CC Rydz-Smigly

Prime Minister Sikorski

German reports have been circulating that Polish planes were destroyed on the airfield.  Sources indicate that although a few trainer planes were hit by enemy fire,  the entire Polish fleet had indeed taken to the air when Germany attacked on September 1st. Subsequent reports of Polish Cavalry attacking German tanks with sabers is equally false and a source of German propaganda.  Eyewitness reports indicate that German Cavalry divisions are  mobilizing.

In reaction to Britain's attack on German U-boats, German Supreme Command has notified British Command that armed British ships will be sunk without warning.  In the South Atlantic today off Pernambuco Brazil the German Graf-Spee bombed and sunk it`s first merchant ship, the British steamship Clement, commanded by Captain F. Harris.

The British Parliament has authorized shipments of poison gas to France in the event that Germany begins using chemical weapons.


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