September 11, 2010

Germany Captures Upper Silesia

September 11, 1939

The German Luftwaffe continues its relentless bombings of Polish cities and towns including Warsaw. Polish Commander-in-Chief Marshal Rydz-Smigly ordered that Warsaw is to be defended at all costs.  
German forces crossed the River San, north and south of the industrial town of Przemysl, in southeastern Poland. The Battle at Bzura continues without abating. The leaders of the German Army Group South, Rundstedt, and his Chief of Staff, Manstein, are already beginning to assemble reinforcements for the German 8th Army. Polish forces are continuing their offensive advancing on Modlna, Pludwiny, Osse, Glowno.  The German 10th army initially underestimated the Polish advance and quickly redirected the main force of the 4th and 10th Armies, and aircraft from the 4th Air Fleet towards the Bzura.  German air superiority became quickly apparent as Polish movements were significantly disrupted.

Przemysl townpeople cross river by boat

The Polish forces at Radom have been destroyed. The Germans have captured 60,000 Polish soldiers.   Germany's control of the industrial area in Upper Silesia, Poland is now complete.

Radom is destroyed

Polish General Rudolph Prich has been given command of the Polish forces around Lwow.  A plan of defense has recently been organized for the area and Polish units are now taking positions to defend the line of the San River spreading out nests of resistance along the Zolkiew - Rawa Ruska - Janow - Grodek Jagiellonski line.

Germany announced a counter blockade against Britain, saying that since "economic warfare was forced on her (Germany) is not only able to resist every pressure of blockade and every form of British hunger warfare, but to reply to it with the same methods."

German cipher experts have succeeded in cracking the British merchant ship code allowing them to identify convoy meeting points.  The British Cabinet has decided that no further attempt to bomb Germany by air will be carried out.

Churchill is beginning to exchange secret messages with President Roosevelt using the the code name, "A Naval Person".


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